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Master`s Programme in Public Health

Department of Public Health and Social Work

Public Health Сore Competencies

Application, admission, and requirements in 2019

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Application, admission, and requirements in 2019


Admission 2017

Department of Public Health and Social Work

The key responsible department for educational program 32.04.01 Public Health (master level) is the Department of Public Health and Social Work of the Northern State Medical University.This Department was found in the Arkhangelsk State Medical Institute in 1936 as the Department of social hygiene. The head of the department is Prof., Doctor of Medical Science Larisa Ivanovna Menshikova.

​Scientific research at the department are characterized with integral approach to public health investigations. All current projects are divided into three branches:complex investigation of health status among citizens of North of Russia, socio-epidemiological estimation and rehabilitation of tainted population, estimation of quality of life and implementation of health technologies in European North.

The Department realizes more than 60 educational programs at graduate and post-graduate levels. Moreover, it participates in international programs, collaborates with the ISPHA. The department has close relationship with many departments in the University, University museum, association of history of medicine in European North of Russia, Association of graduates of ASMI-ASMA-NSMU. The department initiated the creation of "Encyclopedia of NSMU".

Professors at the department:. L.I.Menshikova, A.L.Sannikov, T.G.Svetlichnaja, O.A. Cyganova, A.G.Kalinin

Associate professors: M.G.Dyachkova, A.G.Lukashov, G.L.Varakina, E.A.Mordovsky, E.V.Shalaurova, O.A.Ignatova

Senior lecturers: M.B.Spirina, O.B.Malkova, M.J.Gaikina,

Assistants: A.V.Andreeva

Lecturer: G.G.Dityatev

During 80 years of work, 7 doctoral and 20 candidate thesis were defended.  

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