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Admission 2017

Master theses

Chumak E. Anaemia in pregnancy and its associations with pregnancy outcomes in Monchegorsk, Northwest Russia in 1973-2002: a registry-based study. ISPHA, 2009. Abstract


Gorbatova M. Dental caries among 6, 12 and 15 years old children in the Arkhangelsk region. ISPHA, 2009. Abstract


Kharkova O. Smoking in pregnancy and its effect on breastfeeding duration in Northwest Russia. ISPHA, 2009. Abstract


Khasnutdinova S. Prevalence of stunting, underweight, overweight and obesity among adolescents in Velsk district, Northwest Russia, by international and Russian criteria: a cross-sectional study. ISPHA, 2009. Abstract


Kholmatova K. The metabolic syndrome and its association with other cardiovascular risk factors in Arkhangelsk university students. ISPHA, 2009. Abstract


Kuznetsov V. Risk factors for diagnostic delay among tuberculosis patients in Arkhangelsk, Northwest Russia: a qualitative study. ISPHA, 2009. Abstract


Pastbin M. Oral health and oral health-related quality of life of 12-year-olds in one urban area in North-west Russia. ISPHA, 2009. Abstract


Sidorenkov G. Quality assessment of diabetes care and its clinical outcomes. ISPHA, 2009. Abstract


Unguryanu T. Health risk assessment of chemical contaminants in drinking water in Novodvinsk, Northwest Russia. ISPHA, 2009. Abstract


Yurchenko T. Prevalence of high risk HPV infection among women in Arkhangelsk: a clinic based study. ISPHA, 2009. Abstract

Kozlovskaya A. Social variation in birth weight during a 30-year observation period (1973-2005) in Monchegorsk. ISPHA, 2010. Abstract

Varakina Zh. Fatal occupational accidents in the Arkhangelsk region, Northwest Russia: a descriptive study. ISPHA, 2010. Abstract

Koshkina O. Topical corticosteroid fear in parents of preschool children with atopic dermatitis in Severodvinsk, Northwest Russia. ISPHA, 2010. Abstract


Bobkova M. Perceptions of diabetes self-management education – a qualitative study of elderly patients with type 2 diabetes in Arkhangelsk. ISPHA, 2010. Abstract

Neporada E. Weekly and holidays-relater variations in out-of-hospital mortality in Arkhangelsk. ISPHA, 2011. Abstract


Serdechny K. Seasonal affective disorder and its correlates in the Northwest Russia: Arkhangelsk study. ISPHA, 2011. Abstract

Kozyreva L. Trainers' and trainees' experience of having participated in a program aiming at being prepared to transfer knowledge in the public health field - trainers' and trainees evaluation. ISPHA, 2011. Abstract

Makarova M. Hepatitis B and C viruses among patients with hepatocellular carcinoma in the Arkhangelsk region. ISPHA, 2011. Abstract


Postoeva A. The effect of “the programme of weight loss” in women. ISPHA, 2011. Abstract


Treskina N. Social variations in pregnancy outcomes in the Murmansk region, Northwest Russia in 2006-2008: a registry-based study. ISPHA, 2011. Abstract

Kurmanova A. City health profiles as a tool for addressing health inequalities in cities. ISPHA, 2011. Abstract


Mordovsky E. A new instrument for evaluation of alcohol consumption among Russian audience (Arkhangelsk). ISPHA, 2011. Abstract


Sharashova Е. The association between early pregnancy body mass index and spontaneous preterm delivery in Northwest Russia: a registry-base study. ISPHA, 2011. Abstract


Rybakova E. Prevalence of cardiovascular and respiratory tract diseases and impact of the occupational factors among workers of the Arkhangelsk pulp and paper mill. ISPHA, 2011. Abstract


Usynina A. Socio-demographic correlates of small for gestational age births in the Murmansk county, Russia: a registry-based study. ISPHA, 2011. Abstract

Andreeva E. The usefulness of the point-of-care-testing for C-reactive protein in lower respiratory tract infection / acute cough. ISPHA, 2012. Abstract

Utkina E. Dental status and selected characteristics of the saliva mineral composition among children with endocrine pathology in Arkhangelsk. ISPHA, 2012. Abstract

Treskina G. Infant mortality and its determinants in Monchegorsk, Murmanskaya oblast in the period 1990 - 2009. ISPHA, 2012. Abstract

Proklova L. The role of varicocele repair in infertility in experimentally induced varicocele. ISPHA, 2012. Abstract

Postoev V. Epidemiology of cardiovascular malformations among newborns and children less than 2 years in Murmansk oblast: combination of chart review and cohort study. ISPHA, 2012. Abstract

Khabarova Y. The effectiveness of lactase enzyme in management of subjects with adult-type hypolactasia: randomised placebo-control double-blind cross-over trial. ISPHA, 2012. Abstract






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